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Precision Nutrition System
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Thursday, November 24, 2005

How to lose weight - what works, and what does not

The best way to lose weight and have lasting weight loss is to eat right and workout, nothing magic or special. If you follow this advice you will lose the weight.

Now for what does not work. Eating poorly and not exercising. I guess you knew that. But even though everyone knows that they still follow that plan and add a special pill or electronic ab belt and expect to shed the pounds and lose weight. This will not do it. I am sorry to say it but you have to stick with plan A, and that is to eat right and exercise.

Diet and weight loss pills can help, but they will not do all the work for you. Feel free to use various weight loss products to help you but do not rely on them.

I have not looked at al the different diets on the market but I will tell you there are some good ones and others that are a waste of time. The one thing in common with all diets I have examined is that you must be consent and follow their directions. I know people like to add a cheat day or add a soda here and a snack there then complain that they did not see the results they had expected. Well I will say this; you cannot try a diet you have to follow it. If you do not want to follow every word they say find another program because you are wasting your time with the current diet. Remember that diets take time, you will not lose weight overnight. If you are expecting to lose 20 lbs of fat your first week, it will not happen.

Just eat right and workout

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