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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The “Holy Grail” of Fitness Goals (Doors Open)

Almost everyone knows about the biggest loser -
that reality show/ weight t loss contest on TV where
overweight people people drop ridiculous amounts
of weight – like 15 or 20 lbs in a week, and
150 or 200 lbs by the time the show is over.

Earlier this year, Tom Venuto and the guys at
over at the Burn the Fat websites completed their
first ever body transformation challenge contest.

But their contest was NOTHING like the biggest loser.

In fact, Josh Ketter, the overall men’s winner, and Ryan
Cochrane, one of the finalists, only lost a pound.

Now, you must be thinking, “what the heck kind of weird
body transformation contest were they running where the
winner and the finalists only drop a pound?

Well, it would seem weird if you thought that success
at body transformation meant dropping weight on the scale.

But did you ever stop to think about the difference
between fat weight and muscle weight?

Think about it – if those contestants on the biggest
loser gain muscle – they get penalized, right?

Shouldn’t contestants be REWARDED for gaining muscle
as well as burning fat?

That’s the problem with weight loss contests today and
with a lot of popular diet and fitness programs – they’re
obsessed with scale weight but they don’t pay any attention
to body composition (the fat-to-muscle ratio).

Of course, some of the contestants in that contest did drop
a lot of fat – 15, 20, even 25 lbs in only 50 days. But the
person who dropped the most pounds was NOT necessarily
voted as the winner.

The winners were chosen because they made tremendous
improvements in their body composition, even though
their scale weight didn’t change that much.

Josh lost 8 pounds of fat and gained 7 pounds of muscle
in just 50 days. He only lost a pound on the scale because
the muscle weight replaced the fat weight.

Ryan Cochrane lost 8 pounds of fat while gaining 7.7 lbs
of muscle in 50 days. His weight hardly changed.

Sarah kensington actually GAINED a pound, from 119 to 120
but her body fat decreased from 19% to a ripped 12.6%.
Thats a 7.9 pound GAIN in lean body mass and a 7 pound loss
of body fat – remarkable for a MAN, almost unheard of for
a woman!

You could see from their before and after photos that even
though their weight changed by less than a pound, they

How? They gained muscle and lost fat at the same time!

Maybe you’re thinking, “wait a minute, I thought it
was impossible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same
time? Don’t you need a calorie deficit to burn fat and
a calorie surplus to build muscle?”

Well, yes and no. Calories do matter, but according to
fat loss expert Tom Venuto, the guy who sponsored the
recent body transformation contest, it’s much more
complicated than that because of things like hormonal
fluctuations and “energy partitioning.”

It was these “unusual” contest results that prompted Tom
to dig into the scientific research on concurrent muscle
gain and fat loss and create a new program around it
that he calls:

How to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time”

The program was just released at:
=====>The Holy Grail

It’s refreshing that Tom does not B.S. you about about
the kind of results you can get. In fact, he clearly
states that losing fat while simultaneously gaining
muscle is the most difficult goal to achieve.

That’s why people call it the “holy grail”; because it’s so elusive.

But “difficult” doesn’t mean “impossible.”
It’s totally possible to lose fat while gaining muscle
at the same time, if you have the right plan.

You may have heard this subject debated before on
blogs or discussion forums. Those debates probably
left you confused and not sure what to believe either.

This new “Holy Grail” program sets the record straight
====> The Holy Grail

It’s impressively referenced with peer-reviewed
research and frankly, it just makes sense.

Most people are skeptical about this at first. But
when you see BOTH; real-world case studies AND
the scientific proof, it makes you want to stop
and take a look.

Since this program was just released, Tom is
has a great offer going until this Friday, where
you have the chance to grab 4 Limited-Time Bonuses:

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BONUS #4: How To Measure Your Body Fat In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

To learn more about achieving the “holy grail” of all
body transformation goals – and to claim your extra bonuses,
just go to:

The Holy Grail

By the way. This program is certain to be another long-time best
seller, but the offer for the extra bonuses ends this friday,
October 1st, so be sure to take a look before the offer expires:
-->> The Holy Grail

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lose Fat Gain Muscle - It can be Done

Tom venuto teaches people how to burn fat and build muscle
How can I gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?” That’s right up there with “How do I get six pack abs” as one of the most frequently asked fitness questions of all time. The problem is, when you ask it, you get all kinds of conflicting answers – even from experts who are supposed to know these things. So what’s the deal? Is it really possible to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously?
Short answer: Yes it’s possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

Long answer: It’s difficult and it’s complicated, unless you really know what you’re doing. Allow me to explain….

First we have the issue of whether you really lose fat and gain muscle at the “same time.”

Well, yes, if your definition of the “same time” is say, a month or 12 weeks. But in that case, you’re probably not gaining muscle at the “same time” literally speaking, as in, right now this very moment you are reading this, or 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for months in a row.

The best explanation for what’s really happening is that you alternate between periods of caloric surplus (anabolism) and caloric deficit (catabolism) and the net result is a gain in muscle and a loss in body fat.

You see, if you stay in a calorie surplus, it’s the body’s natural tendency for body fat and lean body mass to go up together. And if you stay in a calorie deficit, it’s your body’s natural tendency for body fat and lean body mass to go down together.

There may be exceptions, but the general rule is that it is usually very difficult to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time – the mechanisms are mostly antagonistic to one another. When big increases in muscle and big decreases in fat are seen at the same time, it’s almost always the result of “unusual conditions” – I call them X factors.

The 4 X-Factors

The first X-factor is “training age” . Ever hear of “newbie gains?” The less trained your body is and the further you are from your genetic potential, the easier it is to gain muscle. The reverse is also true – an advanced bodybuilder with 20 years experience would be thrilled just to gain a few pounds of solid dry muscle in a year!

The second x factor is muscle memory. It’s easier to regain muscle you’ve lost than it is to gain new muscle in the first place (ergo, the fat out of shape semi retired bodybuilder who starts training again and blows up and gets ripped “overnight”).

The third X factor is genetics (or somatotype). Ever heard of the “genetic freak?” That’s the dude who sprouts muscle like weeds even when he’s on the “50-50 diet” (50% McDonald’s and 50% pizza)… and he never gets fat. (That dude chose the right parents!)

The fourth X factor is drugs. It would stun (or sadden) you if you knew how many people take performance and physique-enhancing drugs. I’m not just talking about pro bodybuilders, I’m talking about “Joe six pack” in the gym – not to mention those fitness models you idolize in the magazines. How did some of them get large muscle gains with concurrent fat loss? Chemicals.

I’m not a gambling man, but I’ll place a wager on this any day: I’ll bet that in 99% of the cases of large muscle gains with concurrent large fat losses, one or more of these x factors were present.

That’s not all! There are actually 5 more X factors related to your body composition and diet status (the X2 factors). I talk about those in my new program, the Holy Grail Body Transformation System. More on that later.

So you’re not a beginner, you don’t take roids, you’re not a genetic freak and you have no muscle memory to take advantage of. Are you S.O.L? Well, I do want you to be realistic about your goals, but…

There IS a way for the average person to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

The Secret: You have to change your “temporal perspective!”

Traditionally nutritionists and fitness pros have only looked at calorie balance in terms of 24 hour periods. At midnight, you could tally up the calories like a shopkeeper closing out his register, and if the balance were positive, you’d say you were in a surplus for the day. If the balance were negative, you’d say you were in a deficit for the day.

But it’s entirely possible that you might pass through periods of “within-day” surplus where you were in a highly anabolic state (for example, you eat the biggest, highest carb meal of the day after your workout), and you were in a deficit the rest of the day.

Furthermore, exercise changes everything. certain types of training will alter your hormones and physiological response to how you handle calories and nutrients.

If you did intense weight training, and you timed your nutrient intake just right, isn’t it possible that you could gain a small amount of muscle during those anabolic hours, while losing fat the rest of the day? Granted it might only be grams or ounces – but what if you kept that up for a week? A month? Three months?

As you pan out and look at the bigger picture, what if most days of the week you were in a deficit for the entire day, and on some days of the week you were in a surplus? If so, then isn’t it possible that over the course of the week, you’d have a small net gain of muscle and loss of body fat as a result of the caloric fluctuation?

These within-day and within-week phases are what I refer to in my new body transformation program as nutritional microcycles and mesocycles. If you also had a primary goal with a longer term focus of several months, say 12 weeks or 16 weeks, that would be a nutritional macrocycle.

What I’ve just described is nutritional periodization. Some people call it cyclical dieting. It’s where you manipulate your calories (primarily by fluctuating carbohydrate intake, hence “carb cycling”) in order to intentionally zig zag your way through periods of surplus and deficit.

The end result: muscle gain and fat loss during the same time period!

I know that someone out there is having a hissy fit because I’ve only talked about calories: deficits and surpluses. Rightfully so. Calories matter but there’s more to it than calories – most importantly, hormones and “nutrient partitioning.”

If you’re in a calorie deficit you are going to pull energy from your body. The question is: From WHERE? If your hormones are out of whack because you’re eating crap and you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle, you could lose more muscle than fat in a deficit and gain almost pure fat, not muscle, in a surplus!

But WHAT IF you could manipulate within day energy balance, use nutritional periodization AND control your hormones with food and lifestyle strategies?

NOW we are seeing how concurrent muscle gain and fat loss are starting to look possible!

Make no mistake – concurrent muscle gain and fat loss is a difficult goal to achieve. It’s the “Holy Grail of Fitness Goals.” The good news: difficult does not mean impossible. Or as George Santayana said, “The difficult is that which can be done immediately, the impossible, that which takes a little longer.”

If you’d like to learn more about losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time, I just recorded a fantastic introduction to the subject in a one hour interview and you can get it for free as a gift from my new website because I want to get the word out about my brand new Holy Grail Body Transformation System.

In my new program, you’ll hear all the details about nutritional periodization, cyclical dieting, hormonal manipulation, within day energy balance, nutrient partitioning, AND the all the X factors, including the 5 “X2-Factors” – which are the keys to gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time.

You’ll also get my new “TNB” training system, which was originally published as a workout in Men’s Fitness magazine. Then I expanded it into a total program that has never been seen before except in my member’s only inner circle.

My new free report that you can download now in MP3 and PDF (transcript) is available for a limited time this week over at The Holy Grail website. It’s a great introduction to the program and you’ll pick up some great tips just from this free report alone.

Download your Free “Holy Grail Body Transformation Revealed” report at:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Safe Diet Pills

Safe Diet Pills

Who else wants to know the best supplement to help lose weight and burn unwanted belly fat.

But more importantly looking for safe diet pills.

I'm sure you've heard of all the horror stories surrounding various diet pills and how the FDA has pulled unsafe diet pills off the market.

 Not too long ago I wrote an article about safe diet pills that are also effective at burning fat for real weight loss.

 Supplement companies do lots of shady promoting and marketing of their products. This makes it difficult for the average person to know what the best fat burning supplement is an even more important if it's safe.

 Luckily I came upon some research that renewed my interest in an old-school diet pill. This pill had been helping people burn unwanted belly fat for some time. Because of the cheap price supplement companies promoted flashier more high-priced diet pills. Unfortunately it has left many telling sad stories.

If you're diet and exercise are in check, and you're looking for a little extra boost to help lose that stubborn body fat I suggest you give this old-school supplement to try.

 You can read all about it in my article.!&id=2625909

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turbulence Training Top 10 Body Transformation Contest Tips

Turbulence Training

If you want to lose fat and gain lean, sculpted muscle at the same
time, there is nothing better to get you motivated and committed
than a 12-week Transformation Contest.

Not only can you dramatically change your body, but you can also win
$1000 just for losing belly fat. At least, you can when you join the
Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

And so here are the top 10 tips to help you maximize your results.

10. Clean out your pantry.

Listen, one of the best fat loss tips is simply, "If you don't have
it in the house, you won't eat it!"

So get rid of as much junk food as you can - and avoid bringing more
into the house. Simply cutting back on junk can help you lose fat fast.

9. Get social support.

Scientific research proves that you will lose more fat if you have
social support, both in "real life" and on the internet. So hook up
with friends who are going to help you reach your goal.

Online, I recommend getting started with Turbulence Training and
using the Turbulence Training forum to connect with people like you
who want to lose fat.

8. Use a food journal.

Write down what you eat. This is another research proven tip to help
you lose fat faster. Write down everything you eat. It will help you
eat better.

7. Take before photos.

Yes, it's not a lot of fun to look at your before photos now, but
when you are done your transformation, you'll be glad you have the
photos to compare. Plus, you'll need those to win the TT Contest.

6. Fix your mindset.

No matter what you struggle with, you must switch your mindset to be
a successful transformation. You must go from a person who "can't
resist cookies" to the type of person that "doesn't eat cookies
unless they are part of a planned reward meal". That is how you win
transformation contests!

5. You must be in the correct state of change.

The truth is that even the best transformation contest winners don't
lose 30 pounds of fat on their first try. They start, they stop.
They begin, they give up.

It happens. And it's okay.

But when they get in the right state of change, that is when they
finally breakthrough and transform! And that's where you have to be.

4. Use a PROVEN, structured, short burst workout program.

Research shows that resistance training and interval training can
help you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Plus, you can
burn belly fat AND boost your post-exercise metabolism. You MUST use
this type of workout for guaranteed results.

3. Stop doing slow boring cardio and switch to interval training.

Research shows that it takes up to 50 hours of cardio just to lose
one pound of bodyweight.

Who has that kind of time? No one!

But other research studies show that interval training burns belly
fat while slow cardio doesn't. So skip the insanely boring cardio
and start getting results with interval training (as you'll find in
the Turbulence Training workouts).

2. Plan, shop, and prepare your food.

Take an hour or two on the weekend to go to the grocery store and
buy all the whole, natural foods you need for the week ahead. Go
home and prepare as many lunches and snacks as possible so you have
the right food to eat while at work. This is a proven strategy to
help you lose fat and avoid temptation!

Turbulence Training

1. Get Turbulence Training. It's the proven, step-by-step guide to
transforming your body and your life.

If you've ever wanted to do this for yourself - if you deserve it -
and I know you do, then NOW is the time to get started with the best
fat burning workout in the world.

Looking forward to your success story!

Click her for contest rules and information -- tt contest