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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hoodia gordonii for weight loss, but is it a miracle solution

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As people continue to search for ways to lose weight and shed unwanted fat drug manufactures continue to search for new products to aide in the fat loss battle. Hoodia gordonii is the latest product to help assistant weight loss. Hoodia gordonii claim to weight loss is as an appetite suppressant. Their claim is you eat less which reduces your calories and this should result in weight loss. Demand for this weight loss steadily climbing.

Based on what I have seen, read, and heard let me give you my thoughts about losing weight and Hoodia gordonii

Like many other new products the reviews are mixed. On one end of the spectrum some people are reporting that hoodia has not had any benefits at all, absolutely nothing. Of course there are people that polar opposite reporting that it has completely stopped their appetite, and they are expecting weight loss. Most responses lie in the middle. Hoodia does not completely eliminate your appetite, but it does help take the edge off. To get the weight loss most want disciplined exercise routine is still required.

The chemical compound P57 is one of the active ingredients in hoodia gordonii that is considered to be a piece of the equation responsible for the appetite suppressing effects. Hoodia Gordonii works by mimicking the effect that glucose has on nerve cells in the brain. The active ingredient P57 curbs the appetite by fooling the brain into thinking it is full, even when it is not.

Hoodia does show some promise. PhytoPharm conducted a clinical study, indicating the amazing appetite suppressing effects of Hoodia and the active P57 molecule. Read their press release. The problem is that Hoodia has only demonstrated effectiveness in fresh, raw pieces of the plant, while the effectiveness of powdered Hoodia has yet to be demonstrated.

A major problem with the Hoodia products currently available is that most contain very little, if any, of the active ingredient needed to suppress hunger. The reason for this is because of availability of the plant. In South Africa, Hoodia is on the endangered list of plants. Because of this Hoodia is not supposed to be exported. This in turn makes real Hoodia is very difficult to come by and equally expensive. A logical question to follow is…

Is there any Hoodia in my Hoodia?

In my opinion Hoodia shows promise, but I recommend people wait a while until there is more refutable information. The current products on the market are suspect and I have reservations.


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