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Friday, October 21, 2005

Weight Loss Surgery and the high Risks:

It has been reported that there higs risks to Weight Loss Surgery. It has been reported that as a result of weight loss surgery 1 out of 22 people die.

As reported by Chicago SunTimes, a study by Dr. David Flum from Washington University found that 4.6% of patients who’s had a weight loss surgery died within 12 months of surgery.

Here are the numbers:

*Operations in 1998: 13,365
*Projected in 2005: 130,000
*Projected in 2010: 218,000
*Female: 84 percent
*Average age: 41.7
*Younger than 18: 0.3 percent
*Older than 64: 1 percent
*Household income below $25,000: 2 percent
*Family income higher than $45,000: 59.7 percent
*Average hospital stay: 3.3 days
*Mortality rate 30 days after surgery: 2 percent
*After three months: 2.8 percent
*After one year: 4.6 percent


In addition, this study doesn’t account for those people who die after 1 year due from surgery-related causes. I know of a case where a lady died from the complications of weight loss surgery 2 years after the surgery. This lady was in her 50s, leading a very active life and had lost over 100 lbs after the surgery. The complications from surgery took 2 years surface and she still passed away because of them.

Some people view the weight loss surgery as a quick fix. Unfortunately, some money-hungry doctors won’t properly educate the prospective patients about the risks of this surgery. Going under the knife should be a last resort. I believe in health natural weight loss, not weight loss surgery.

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