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Precision Nutrition System
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Daily weight Loss Tips - Spice Up Your Day

Your daily weight loss tip.
Want to drop that weight and loose a few inches off the waistline? Today’s quick and easy weight reduction tip heats things up. In you next recipe try adding some hot sauce or spice.

Research shows consuming hot and spicy foods such as chillies and all varieties and mustards increase your metabolism. Research findings vary on the amount of extra calories burned. Some studies reported only marginal increases in calorie expenditure while other research showed increased metabolic rates as much as 40%.

How hot foods can lead to weight loss.

Hot spices such as Chile peppers trigger a thermodynamic burn speeding up your metabolism. This increased thermodynamic burn can last up to five hours after a meal.

Two other benefits to spicing up your meals.

To ad a little zip to your meals and replace high calorie condiments like butter or mayonnaise try adding mustard, salsa, or spice instead. Sauté vegetables and chicken in hot sauce as opposed to oil.

Hot food may inhibit your food consumption. This will reduce calories thus help with your weight loss. From experience it has been found that it is more difficult to overindulge in a meal or snack which causes the mouth to be slightly uncomfortable. Compare this to how easy it is to overeat a snack like potato chips, a snack that you just do not want to put down.

This quick and easy tip can help you burn more calories and drop that weight.
Add some spice to your life and loose weight safely with this natural weight loss technique.

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