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Precision Nutrition System
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Number of Calories in a Pound of Body Fat

Dieters Guide to Calories in a Pound of Body Fat

It is important to talk about calories when we speak about weight loss and embark on a weight loss plan. The best weight loss programs take into account the number of calories taken in and used. Some of these plans just are not up front about it and talk about points and other measurements but all good weight loss programs have to count calories in some fashion.

One pound of human body fat is approximate 3,500 calories and 14,644 kilojoules. For the metric dieters that equals 7,716 calories for 1 kilogram of human body fat and 32,284 kilojoules.

Weight Approximate
Pound 3,500 14,644
Kilogram 7,716 32,284

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